Paramo Men's Ostro Plus Fleece Jacket

  • £140.00
  • Save £20

The Ostro Plus Fleece is for active people who swap between activities and environments.

Unpredictable weather or moving between different temperatures can be a dilemma when backpacking, trekking or doing snow sports for example. It can be a challenge to pack light and feel prepared for changing conditions.

The Ostro Plus Fleece offers a solution: worn alone, it provides warmth and repels moisture thanks to a PFC-free water-repellent treatment. When conditions turn windier, wetter or cooler, the Ostro Windproof is easily added on top for excellent weather protection.

The Ostro Plus Fleece provides functionality, comfort and practical storage:

  • Zoned Nikwax Fleece fabrics provide optimised insulation, as side panels allow heat to dissipate, while high loft fleece is in key areas for insulation and water-repellency.

  • Simple, close-fitting "Ninja" hood fits well under a helmet with off-centre zip for comfort.

  • Five pockets, all lined with mesh Pump Liner® to help move moisture.

The Ostro Plus Fleece is designed to be compatible with the Ostro Windproof. Together these two garments create a versatile waterproof system.