Paramo Men's Helki Jacket

  • £235.00
  • Save £15

The Helki is for people who enjoy exploring hills, valleys and coasts, and want a comfortable, functional everyday jacket.

Whether roaming the hills, dog walking or working outdoors, to remain comfortable throughout the day you need to avoid a build up of perspiration and condensation inside your jacket.

Directional Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof fabric moves moisture away from you constantly so that you feel dry from both the inside and outside. The clean, ergonomic design combines freedom of movement for all-day comfort with practical hill-friendly features.

The Helki Jacket has an ergonomic design with minimal clutter but hill-friendly features.

  • Excellent freedom of movement from uncluttered ergonomic design

  • Enhanced weather protection when carrying a rucksack provided by reinforcement in the back and shoulders

  • Practical, well-placed pocketing for map storage and handwarming.