Grivel G12 New Classic Crampons

Grivel G12 New Classic Crampons

  • £115.00
  • Save £25

A classic 12 point crampon designed for general mountaineering, mixed ice and rock climbing, and less extreme waterfall climbing situations. 

Four "anti-shear" points, perpendicular to the line of the boot, improve security during descents.

By placing a bolt (included) through the front of the arch piece, it will remain centered, reducing the overall length of the collapsed crampon. In addition, the entire adjustment mechanism may be replaced with a simple nut and bolt; while this reduces weight, future length adjustments will require tools.


  • 12 agressive points: includes 2 front points
  • Rapid, tool-free adjustment system
  • Includes Anti-Ball plates
  • Weight: 950g